Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Style: Is it Time for Winter Coats Yet?

E contemplates Winter outerwear.

The transition from jackets to winter coats is always a tough one. When is it actually time to start getting the winter coat back out of the wardrobe, that isn't too soon? 

I mean I for one never want to be the first one on the tube with my big woollen coat and scarf on, sweating in the centre of a carriage. 

I've put together a couple of tips I've found really helpful, during the transition time. When it starts to get a bit colder, resist the winter coat and opt for still wearing a jacket but teaming it with a big woollen, blanket scarf. That way if it you chilly, you can wrap it round you and visa versa, if you start to boil on the tube you can easily delayer it.

to help you out, I've found a lovely combination of a great autumnal jacket that can be found at Marks & Spencers, of course. I think it would look lovely with this blanket scarf from Monki, which I've been eyeing up.

Secondly, pace yourself. As a bit of an advocate for having a favourite scarf and wearing it with all my jackets I've had to make myself mix up my scarves. When you want to start wearing your winter coat, save the blanket/wooly scarf you have been wearing for those Jan/Feb times, when you'll be wanting to step up the warmth again. Instead, enjoy wearing lighter scarfs with your winter coat. Plus this will give you more variety in your outer wear, because if like me, you probably quickly get bored of wearing the same coats and jackets!

One of my favourite winter coats I've seen this year is from Whistles and in my ideal world it would look great with this lighter, patterned scarf from & Other Stories.

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E x

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