Thursday, 8 October 2015

Style: Paris Fashion Week SS16

Just a taste of the show-stopping collections at Paris Fashion Week.

I can only beg forgiveness for the various and flagrant sins against fashion I'm committing by narrowing Paris Fashion Week down to only five shows. Paris is always magnificent, a giant among fashion cities, so steeped in heritage and so important to each coming season, but here are five little shows that really delighted me this week.


If you don't know, The Row is the oh-so-stylish creation of those ever-young Olsen sisters. If you do, then you'll already be lusting after the effortlessly stylish and drool-worthy incarnations seen on the SS16 catwalk. Billowing shirts and capes, mannish, pleated trousers and the most glamorous flats you ever saw all pulled together and made the collection absolutely dreamy.

Key piece: start with the basics with a pair of roomy, pleated trousers to ensure louche elegance wherever you go.

I am just in awe of how Karl Lagerfeld keeps reinventing this classic label. With each new season of Chanel, I expect repeats, or staid tropes, but no, everything is fresh, every season. Spring summer's clean, chic lines and clear, crisp colours are no less than lovely, and come next season, everyone from exec to hipster will be sporting these looks.

Key piece: I'm tempted to go with the cap, perfect for styling a bad hair day, end of day hair, or indeed any kind of hair. Will go one of two ways.

A calm, optimistic sporty elegance pervaded the Stella McCartney show this season. From snug sporty separates, to Issey Miyake-esque pleated everything, through oversize draped shirts and airtex-ish dresses, it was all lovely. Colourful, interesting, lovely, and utterly wearable.  

Key piece: definitely a pleated tank. A wonderfully stylish piece that will outlast seasons.

Shiatzy Chen was a delight. Bringing together completely unexpected prints and patterns with colours and fabrics, made this collection fresh and exciting, while the cuts and styling kept it all very accessible. Who'd have thought we'd be considering apple green satin trousers for spring summer?

Key piece: anything you like as long as it's floral and bright - it's spring, remember!

Dries van Noten once again served up a smorgasbord of texture, colour, and print. The master of the unexpected combo is an unending source of inspiration, not only for new season shopping, but for wonderful new ways to wear your existing wardrobe. 

Key piece: see your wardrobe in a fresh light, with some spring summer inspiration from Dries.

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