Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Life: 5 Tips for Creating Hygge

R shares her top tips for bringing that 'hygge' feeling into the home.

The Danish are so good at so many things and one of those is creating hygge. Unfortunately this wonderful word doesn't exactly translate but it loosely means, 'creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people'. 

Me and my Favourite have spent some time in Copenhagen in deepest darkest winter, where snow falls almost constantly, and you start to see where this call for hygge came from. It strikes me that Christmas is the perfect excuse to add a little more hygge into your life. Christmas should be almost entirely about enjoying a warm atmosphere and enjoying good things with good people. 

I am lucky to have enjoyed a warm and cosy Christmas every year. I spend it with my incredible family and my wonderful Favourite. We eat sensational food, share thoughtful presents and spend time relaxing and unwinding together - it truly is something special. While not the most important part, having a cosy, festive home really helps in having a very merry Christmas. 

Top 5 tips for creating hygge

1) Candles upon candles. With their warm, flickering glow, candles add an infinite joy to long winter evenings. 

2) Real trees and foliage. It's not Christmas without a real tree and in my opinion, the more greenery the better.  

3) Rustic decorations. Clove studded oranges, pine cone baubles and more - all of these wonderfully scented, hand crafted things add a joyful scent and beauty. 

4) Music and sound. Whether it's the crackle of a wood burning stove or the warm scratching of an old record, music and sound are essential parts of the festive atmosphere. 

5) Treats and nibbles. Panettone, cheese, truffles, olives - whatever it is, never be more than a hands length from a bowl of something delicious. It is Christmas after all. 

R x

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