Thursday, 14 January 2016

Life: The Slow Food Movement

R explores the delicious slow food movement.

When I was last in NYC I paid a couple of visits to Eataly, the captivating emporium of all things Italian and delicious. Myself and my family have been in a life long love affair with Italy - everything from its application of design, simplicity and execution of cuisine and open happiness of its people makes it the most incredible country and culture. 

I am not subtle about my disregard of French cuisine and respect for Italian in its stead - there is something about the stripped back elevation of fresh and local ingredients that I believe combines to create the best dishes you can find.

I've been geeking up on my foodie passion as reading 'The Slow Food Movement' by Cala...and I am completely captivated. The idea of gastronomy as something that covers cooking, taste, sourcing, production, ethics and health is fascinating and I'm fast wondering whether I can study the subject in my free time (maybe in another life hey?).

The book explores the valid notion of we are what we eat but in so much more detail. Where our food comes from, how it's produced, how it's stored and travelled and finally how it's treated when it eventually reaches the kitchen is so important. 

Thinking about each stage of the life cycle of our food is just like thinking about each stage of the production of our wardrobe. There's a whole journey that our clothes have been on before they land in our wardrobe, a journey which too many of us pay attention too. 

Growing food, creating clothes - these are both naturally slow things. Things that should be savoured, enjoyed and carefully done. I am challenging myself to slow down, to cook with care and to dress with deliberate concern for my garment's history, fancy joining me?

R x

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