Monday, 29 February 2016

Style: The Best Wedding Bands

R and her Favourite shop for wedding bands.

There's so much to do when you're planning a wedding but one of the most enjoyable is shopping for wedding bands. 

My engagement ring is rather beautiful white gold, vintage style sapphire surrounded by a frankly silly amount of diamonds. Before I was given THE ring I had always assumed I would go for a plain white gold wedding band, but then, well, the diamonds got involved. You see, when you have a very sparkly engagement ring, it seems almost insulting to put anything less sparkly next to it. So I upgraded considerably to a white gold band studded with some very sparkly diamonds. Did I mention they were sparkly? 

In the process of falling in love with diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds I did a considerable amount of wedding band research and created a shortlist. 

It's much of a muchness with wedding bands so my only advice (presuming you're not having a custom piece designed) is to go classic and go quality. 


R x

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  1. Sometimes it is actually nice to combine a sparkly
    diamond ring with a plain wedding band.