Thursday, 18 February 2016

Style: Top Tips for Commuting in Style

R shares her secrets for staying professional on a commute.

I've done my fair share of commuting. There were the six years I commuted from Liverpool to London once a week (yes, it was as fun as you can imagine) and the three years I spent going between Liverpool and Birmingham twice a month. 

Basically, I'm so familiar with a Virgin train that now my morning walk along the Southbank, through Westminster and into Soho feels so much like a day dream I can scarcely believe it's now my daily commute. 

During my years commuting on trains, buses and tubes I've gathered a few top tips to keep you calm and looking professional. 

1. Wear a dress
Get a wardrobe of chic, workwear appropriate dresses, iron five on a Sunday night and hey presto you've got a week of flawless looks.

2. Embrace flat shoes
Heels are just not doable when you're running between meetings and trains so get used to yourself in flats. 

3. 5 minute makeup routine
Perfect your makeup routine so you're done in under five minutes. Keep it simple and focus on staying power: primer, foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter and a great mascara. 

4. Always carry lipstick
Make sure you've got a poppy pink or classic red in your handbag, after a long journey it's the perfect way to pep yourself up before a big meeting.

5. Get a great cut
Get your hair cut into an easy, manageable, low maintenance style. Come rain or shine my bob pretty much stays the same which is so helpful when you're sprinting down Oxford Street in the snow. 

R x

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