Tuesday, 8 March 2016

In Honour of International Women's Day

The women who've inspired us all over the last twelve months.

Who else could I choose as my inspiration on International Women's Day other than my mother? I know so many incredible women and I’m so lucky to do life and build family with them. Family for me, is not who you’re related to (that’s such a limited criteria) it’s who you invest in living out community with.

My mum so lives out this principle. She is unendingly generous, gracious and joyful to everyone, in every way. She is wiser than most, clever and funny and has gently strength that can pull you through the hardest times. 

You know the best thing about my mum and the reason she is my inspiration every day? She is so much more than a mother. Mum’s that go above and beyond for their families are dime a dozen, but women who are consistently and unfailingly selfless, who always choose the high road and who always, always open their home to you - no matter who you are, now they are something special.

So to Ruth Price, from the moment you stepped off the boat from India to the day you married our incredible Dad to that fateful day you became a mother, thank you for always being so much more than your given role and thank you for consistently challenging the role and gender stereotypes you’ve come across. R x

I'm certainly not the only person to be inspired by Susan Cain, and I'll not be the last. The author of the bestselling Quiet, Cain is redefining the word introvert for the post-post-modern generation (or is it post-post-post-modern?)
Quiet is a manifesto for the introvert. Not only that, it pulls into question the very extrovert-centric culture, and especially work culture we've built in the western world over the past few decades. Gently, and with good humour, Cain explains what being introverted actually means, the strengths, the weaknesses, debunking myths left, right and centre. She also understands extroverts and is expressly clear about not undervaluing them as we learn to value introverts.

As an introvert myself, reading Quiet was freeing; a sense of relief poured over me as I read about people just like me, who feel what I feel, think how I think, who struggle with the same things I do, and enjoy the same things too. This careful explanation of the introverted nature is a wonderful thing - to be able to understand and unlock people's potential, as well as my own - this is precious! 
Thank you, Susan, for bravely delving into the mysterious world of the introvert and telling the tale. A x

My inspiration on international women's day: my mother. She has incredible strength. Not only in her job, where she supports people while they are going through incredibly difficult times; but also to our whole family. The past year has been a rollercoaster for us all, and although we are all grown up now she never stops supporting us as her children, her brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews across oceans and continents, her mother and my father. An incredible friend, life coach, confidante and inspiration. J x

Vivian Maier is today's inspiration for International Women's Day. For continually seeking creativity, even when no-one knew about her work until the discovery of her negatives in 2009. She was a reclusive, mysterious figure—street photographer; nanny; visual genius. Even though her work wasn't recognised in her time she has left behind a vast amount of incredible work that will go on to inspire generations of young photographers and for that I will forever thank her for keeping creativity alive. E x

So to all the women who've inspired us over the years, keep doing what you're doing, keep being brave, keep standing up for what you believe in and keep breaking boundaries, you never know how the true extent of your achievements. And from the bottom of our hearts; thank you.

A x

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