Monday, 4 April 2016

Life: 100 Healthy Days

R and A embarked on 100 Healthy Days

50 days ago today me and A kicked off 100 Healthy Days. 

Inspired by my approaching nuptials and a desire to feel awesome on the day, we committed to 100 days of holistic health, meaning a focus not only on being physically healthy but also mindfully and spiritually.

What does that look like? A whole lot of clean eating, more exercise but also more time for our bodies and minds to truly unwind. 50 days in and it's going well!

R: I am LOVING this challenge. I have done so many of these things before, like giving up sugar for 90 days and committing to exercising every day for 30 days but while fun and positive, no challenge has ever felt this liberating before. 

Every day for the past 50 days I have asked myself, what's the healthiest thing I can do today? How can I best treat my body? What does my soul really need today?

Sometimes that means drinking litres of green juice and only eating salmon, while going for a swim or a heading to Pilates. But other days that means setting my alarm an hour later or eating a Lindt Gold Bunny while watching Gogglebox. I am genuinely doing what I feel my body, spirit and soul need. 

The result? I've upped my exercise to 3-4 times a week and I'm mostly-juicing in the week and then eating only protein and veggies (wedding dress fitting means this isn't as extreme as it sounds). I'm drinking more water and less coffee, though only slightly less coffee. 

The most noticeable change though? Yes, I've lost weight and most people in my life have noticed which is lovely. But the most incredibly change is my state of mind. 

I am getting married in June, am in the process of buying a house and have started a new job and yet, I am calm. 

I am spending evenings reading and soaking in the bath, saying no to work events and weekends away and instead taking precious time to do very little. 

It has prompted a radical, restful revolution in me. 

Drink more water!
I have to be honest, I'd forgotten this was a goal. Having said that, my water intake has increased, and I am not chain drinking tea like I used to. Buuuuut... I definitely could do better. Will have to write a big sticky note to myself.. MUST. DRINK. MORE. WATER.

Get fit!
I am really pleased with my progress on this goal. I have stuck to my running programme, and am slowly but surely working my way through the #couchto5k programme. I have avoided my previous trick of going hell for leather then burning out quickly, so am pretty sure I'll keep progressing nicely.

Healthy eating!
As you might imaging, this went straight out the window this Easter weekend, but apart from that, I am positively delighted with my progress. I am actually snacking less, and craving crap less. In fact, on multiple days, I have craved fresh fruit and vegetables - surely a good sign? I am even looking forward to getting back on the bandwagon after a wonderful weekend of indulgence. And isn't that the point? An everyday standard of healthy eating, makes the indulgence on a special occasion all the more special.

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