Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Life: Happy Holistics

Organic, fairly traded, delicious skincare. What more could you want?

I met Kelly from Happy Holistics at my favourite market in Bristol, where I am usually to be found scouring the vintage stalls or stuffing my face with sourdough pizza. (Get me, hipster extraordinaire!) Anyway, one bright autumn day, I made a very important discovery - Happy Holistics facial oil is in fact the best thing since sliced bread. It comes in both rose and neroli, both smell beautiful, and both do wonders for your skin - mum got the rose, I went for the neroli. 

I was impressed with the positive impact it had on my skin, the fact that it didn't feel oily at all, given that it is, in fact, oil, and by how long the tiny bottle lasted. Really good product and really good value for money. Will definitely be buying again.

All the products are organic and fairly traded. Kelly is an experienced aromatherapist so she knows what's what. Check out her and her product's credentials here

Now, upon finding her website, I'm looking forward to trying the Skin Smoothies, and mum will be investing in some of the Cosmic Waters. Get your hands on some Happy Holistics of your own!

 A x

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